Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Streamlining Specification Compliance: Introducing the PSIA Profiles!

Today marks a new maturity for plug-and-play interoperability for the physical security industry, with the PSIA introducing its new Access Control Profile, Intrusion Detection Profile, and Profiles Test Tool. The new Profiles and the Test Tool make it easier than ever for manufacturers to conform to PSIA specifications.

In brief, a profile is a subset of data addressing a specific use case drawn from a rich, robust standard. In this case, the PSIA's Access Control Profile and the Intrusion Detection Profile draw on the PSIA's Area Control Specification. A manufacturer with a tool or technology that doesn't generate all of the data elements spelled out in the Area Control Specification may comply with either of the Profiles instead. That streamlined compliance path will make the PSIA specifications even more attractive to a wide body of manufacturers with well-defined security use cases.

Also, when the manufacturer uses the Test Tool, the tool will generate a compliance certificate. That means integrators, consultants and end users can be certain one PSIA Profiles-compliant product will interoperate smoothly with another Profiles-compliant tool. It's true plug-and-play compatibility!

Honeywell, Inovonics and Kastle Systems have all tested the tool; more vendors have tests scheduled and plan to release Profiles-compliant tools soon.  Visit here for the full news release:  And see the backgrounder for more details here:

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